About us

We are a gaming community built off the back of a Black Desert Online guild. We maintain an atmosphere that allows a wide variety of individuals to create a community also pursuing to improve our game-play as a team. We host events, tournaments and other activities to provide an experience for our players.

Black Desert Online

We're looking to establish our selves in the BDO node war scene, striving to progress as a guild and improve eachother as individuals. We are seeking active, PvP minded players who are willing to get involved in node wars and other guild activities.


Must have decent english based communication
Must be level 59 or above and have gear score of 470 or above
Willing to be tested in Arena for PvP
Willing to improve


Guild & Community Leader

Community Officers

  • In-game name: Stilc (Texturex)
    Discord: texturex#4214
  • In-game name: Xain (Wolfmourn)
    Discord: Xain#6873
  • In-game name: Statistnr1 (Suinom)
    Discord: statistnr1#2157